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Frequently Asked

How does Stackway recruit and vet developers?

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All developers on the platform must pass a telephone screening, a work history and background review, a live technical interview with a senior engineer & a code assessment. We prefer working alongside your technical team to review & tweak the interview process to match your internal processes.

What does a typical Stackway engagement look like?

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Once offers are in place, talent and hirers are connected directly to work together how they see fit. Stackway supports both parties and handles hours tracking, billing, and payments.

How do we get started?

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Please fill out the contact form or email us at team@stackway.io to get things started.

Do we hire a developer full-time, part-time, or contractual?

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All of our clients are enterprise software. These are big & complex systems that require full-time engagements. It takes a few weeks to a month for recruits to be onboarded & feel comfortable with the new work environment. Therefore, at Stackway, we only recruit for long-term employment.

How fast is the process, from being matched to hiring?

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On average, it takes us about 7-14 days to shortlist a few relevant candidates for our clients. We then request our clients to review the code assessment & schedule their interview.

Great teams are the foundation of a successful company.​

Like small independent startups, they drive innovation from inside. They are productive, challenging and fun to work in. Their energy is contagious and spreads through a company. These are the teams that develop amazing products and services. They are the teams that get things done.​

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